Be part of SA’s hottest reality TV show ‘THE DEAL’ on property turn-arounds. Send us your best properties for sale, or bring your cash and do a deal with us.

THE DEAL is Africa’s hottest new reality TV show following Gawie Venter, an entrepreneur, commercial property investor and property turnaround specialist. Gawie is joined by Neale Petersen, the founder of Real Estate Investor Magazine and property mentor in an episode of The Deal to find SA’s best ‘Dealmaker’.

On the show Neale and Gawie  will coach, mentor, co-invest, guide and judge contestants on how to find, acquire, fund, invest, renovate and manage  real estate deals across South Africa. In their quest they plan to find and refurbish ugly under-performing properties into architectural gems within only one month.

Stay behind the scenes or step into the limelight to become South Africa’s next Dealmaker.


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Option 1: Bring your cash to partner

Option 2: Feature as The Master ‘Dealmaker’ in the Reality TV Show

Option 3: Send us your property deals


Option 1:


Selected partner opportunities are available for new or mature cash investors from R1 million – R500 million.

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    Option 2 & 3:

    – Feature as The Master ‘Dealmaker’ in the Reality TV Show
    – Send us your property deals

    Submit your awesome property deals  that fulfills the following criteria:

    1. Residential or Commercial property
    2. Properties must be located in South Africa only
    3. In towns or cities with potential
    4. Below market value or has potential to be turned around
    5. Priced from R500 000 – R50 million
    6. Potential to earn high cash flow

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